Covid 19 no deposit short breaks

Corona Virus protection here. private entrance, private flat . fully self-contained.

We are offering no deposit short breaks         Mini Break Holidays, a week or longer.

Mini Break Holidays, for up to, two persons only per flat. If you are permitted to travel on Holiday during Covid 19 regulations. No deposit is payable and no cancellation fee will be payable providing we have 3 days notice of cancellation during the Covid 19 restrictions only. (ie tiers 1-4)

Winter Lets…. and Residential flats.

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Covid 19 Rules 

To KEEP SAFE our Residents, Holiday Makers, Staff.

We are following the HMG guidelines fully, please follow the rules.

There will be a temperature check on arrival. (and during your stay)
No one is permitted to use Devoncourt to self-isolate.
If you contract Corona Virus, or find you have Covid 19 during your stay you must return home immediately.
Do not allow any persons to visit you, on site, or your apartment.
Please stay two metres+ apart from all persons on site, and wear a mask.

Please wear a mask in reception area and office. Thank you.
Please give way to persons on the stairways to keep your distance
Use hand sanitiser after opening and closing communal doors.

Telephone 07802 403289 for vacancies … NOW !!